Fiberglass Insulation

Also referred to as sheet, rigid fiberglass, or board insulation, fiberglass insulation is essentially the installation of insulation boards in selected areas. If you’re a homeowner, Yvon Insulation can help you save energy on energy bills, and reduce outside noise. As a full-service insulation company serving Brampton, Mississauga, Halton Hills, Georgetown, Caledon, Vaughan and Newmarket, Yvon Insulation has a number of fiberglass insulation products that can be incorporated into any project. Fiberglass insulation is available in a variety of densities and flexibilities (flexible, semi-rigid and rigid), which can be used to satisfy stringent performance, appearance and budget parameters. Below are a few advantages fiberglass insulation has over other types of insulation:

  • Lightweight, durable and resilient
  • Useful on irregular or uneven surfaces
  • Useful as exterior insulating sheathing
  • High-strength, tensile, and rigid properties ideal for environments where wear-and-tear is a priority
  • Useful in acoustical wall panels
  • 40 – 50% recycled materials, making it environmentally friendly

Not only is fiberglass insulation damage resistant, it is guaranteed to maintain its structural integrity over time, optimizing efficiency and energy savings for the long-term. Yvon Insulation’s team of insulation contractors has more than 30 years of residential insulation experience installing fiberglass insulation for homeowners in and around Brampton, so please contact us today for a complimentary quote!

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